Some Great Music Apps

So, I’m also a music teacher and wanted to share some of the amazing apps that I’ve come across to save other music teachers who are interested in the iPads some time and money. 

1). Garageband: Garageband is an app that can be used to play, record, produce, mix, edit and share musical creations. It was recently made available for free on the app store.  Definitely worth playing around with if you are a music teacher or enjoy playing music. Single handedly the best app of it’s kind that I’ve found on the app store.


2). Musicnotes: This is a companion to the website that you can purchase sheet music from. They have everything from Classical music to Katy Perry’s latest pop single available for purchase and download. Once purchased from the website you can download the music to any iDevice. A great way for kids to extend their lessons in school by learning songs that they want to learn at home.



3). Vocal Warm-Up for Singers or Choir: This is a great K-6 app that I use at the beginning of class to let students warm up their vocal chords before we start singing. There are 5 sets of warm-ups to choose from.  Each set includes a physical warm-up, breath awareness, then five minutes worth of mid-range warm-ups per set. Each activity is also accompanied by a vocalist and piano. I honestly use this everyday with my younger music classes.


4). My First Classical Music App: A great resource for kids learning about composers, instrument families, and various walks of life that require music.

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