DisplayNote – Mirror your computer screen to devices

DisplayNote – DisplayNote is now hands down my favorite app to use in my classroom. This is one of those apps that I think every B.Y.O.D. will love. I use this app constantly in my classroom and can see it gaining even more momentum as funds become available for it. Basically it is a desktop app that mirrors your computer screen to devices set up with the mobile version of the DisplayNote app which is free at the App Store. This gives students access to view and interact with any presentation/lesson you launch from your computer. There are a lot of great features that I wouldn’t do justice discussing here. Click the link and see for yourself! Try out the free 30 day trial to see whether you’d use it or not. http://displaynote.com/ or check it out at the app store https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/displaynote/id540711783?mt=8

One thought on “DisplayNote – Mirror your computer screen to devices

  1. Lisa

    Great to hear you are making good use of DisplayNote! It would be great to chat to you about it and pass on some new features to have a look at 🙂


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