2 Hidden iPad Gems – Guided Access & Speak Selection

The iPad has a ton of great features accessible to anyone who owns one that are not highlighted in most tutorials. My buddy Enzo Ciardelli showed me the guided access feature and I found out about the speak selection feature at an Apple inservice I attended recently. These are two great features that we teachers will be happy to know about. Spread the word!

The first feature mentioned, guided access, is one of my favorites for keeping students on task and from playing around with other apps when they are supposed to be focusing on a specific app. This feature allows you to lock students into an app as well as disable specific features that you would like disabled. Eg. You only want your students to explore the instrument sets in garageband…  so you can set a password to lock them into the app.  You can also disable the recording features and the home button so they cannot jump from app to app. Here’s a video that details how to turn on the feature as well as a demonstration of it’s use. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W98Dj9Tx428

The second feature mentioned, speak selection, is one that allows you to highlight any text and have the iPad read it back to you. No more need to import things into third party software programs or apps…  just highlight and click “speak” after the option is turned on under the accessibility setting. Here’s a video that walks through the process of activating and using the feature. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lerW64fkNaA

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