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2 Hidden iPad Gems – Guided Access & Speak Selection

The iPad has a ton of great features accessible to anyone who owns one that are not highlighted in most tutorials. My buddy Enzo Ciardelli showed me the guided access feature and I found out about the speak selection feature at an Apple inservice I attended recently. These are two great features that we teachers will be happy to know about. Spread the word! Continue reading

iPad must have apps for Educators

Last Updated November 29th, 2015

Some Helpful Tools for Educators

Last Updated Dec 29, 2012

This is a working document compiling my favorite web-tools/sites and iPad apps that can be used to engage students in innovative educational ways. These are the sites and apps that I have found to be relatively easy to use and that in my mind have lasting educational merit or are just really cool! My philosophy with technology is quality over quantity.

Web Based Tools

  • Titanpad – a site where students can collaborate on a single document in real time. Has a time recorder so you can follow the changes made and revert to older versions of a document.
  • Teaching Kids News – On Teaching Kids News you’ll find original news articles on topics that are timely, relevant and intriguing. They are written for an elementary and intermediate school audience (grades 2-8) and can be used easily by kids, parents, and teachers.


  • Twitter – Being blunt, I used to think twitter was a huge waste of time. But in reality I wasn’t using it very effectively at the time. I began following other like minded educators, local news papers, local radio stations, educational tech developers, iPad app developers, google, and other various educationally related tweeters. I now find that instead of reading the newspaper, I read through my twitter feed almost religiously. I have built a Personal Learning Network (PLN) with a number of educators and people from all over the world who are embracing twitter to share ideas and resources.


  • Google Docs/Drive – Great for essays, long and short response questions, spreadsheets,  drawings and presentations. You can collaborate on documents in real time. You can also comment on work, share work, post work, download documents in a variety of file types.
  • Google Forms – Great for formative assessment and exit cards. You can create short quizzes using multiple choice, short answer, or true and false question types that can be answered using classroom computers or mobile devices with a web-browser. Google Forms then gives you access to a spreadsheet with all responses neatly arranged for you to view, print, save and use to help direct instructional needs.