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Technology in Education

In this ever changing technological climate it is important to address, define and help students create a fundamental etiquette and agreed upon set of rules with which to conduct themselves in all digital and online spaces. It is integral to get our students talking about how to become responsible and trustworthy citizens in a digital age when they are using tools that are becoming increasingly difficult to police and monitor. These tools have the potential to affect our students and those around them positively or negatively depending on their use. It is important that students come to an understanding that these digital spaces are not a fantasy world where they can say whatever they want to whomever they want with no real world recourse or consequence. Students need to learn that their words have the potential to inspire people, hurt people, make people laugh, make people cry, create positive change, or be as equally destructive. Much like an ecological footprint, students also leave a digital footprint with every post, comment, or tweet generated. We need to approach and address 21st Century conflicts and issues in a proactive rather than a reactive manner promoting empathy and a general sense of respect for all participants. The goal should be for students to learn that how they behave in online spaces is in fact an extension of their character and in turn themselves. Conduct in digital spaces should be no different than conduct in all other spaces. That is conduct in terms of how one behaves and self monitors their behaviour to ensure appropriate, constructive and healthy interactions with peers in all contexts.