Printer Pro – Print Documents from your iDevice

Printer Pro  I have spent more time and money than I’d like to admit testing out various iDevice printing apps. In my opinion Printer Pro is by far the best one I’ve found thus far. To my understanding there are three ways to print using Printer Pro:

  1. Straight to a wifi enabled printer.
  2. Remotely through a computer to it’s attached printer as the document appears on the iPad or
  3. Remotely through a computer to it’s attached printer but also using the documents default software (eg. it will actually open microsoft word on your computer and print the document as it would appear there).

Option 3 seems to work the best from what I’ve seen. If you are planning to use option 2 or 3 you will need to download Printer Pro Desktop for your computer. They also have a Lite Version of the app so you can test it out and make sure it works with your printers and computers appropriately before purchasing the pro version.


iPad must have apps for Educators

Last Updated November 29th, 2015

List of 100 Top iPad Apps 2012

Hey Folks,

Since the school year started up I haven’t had much time to add posts here. I came across this list today and found a couple new gems that I didn’t know about before. Check it out if you’re looking for some good app ideas. Most of the the suggestions have been around for a while but they seem to be ones that have stood up over time.,3253,l=250054&a=250058&po=1,00.asp

Nearpod – Great App find!

NearpodNearpod – Thanks to my twitter PLN, today I was introduced to an amazing app called nearpod. This program allows teachers to take new or pre-existing powerpoint or keynote presentations and create interactive iPad lessons from them. There are two apps, a teacher version and a student version. The teacher can broadcast presentations, poll the class, ask open ended questions, give quizzes, show videos, and implement interactive slides, to the students individual iPad. Oh… and did I mention that it’s free?

Check out these video clips.

About Me

Thanks for stopping by!

So this is where I get tell you a little bit about myself and the spin that I bring to my classroom and education in general. First and foremost I would like to say that I am one of the lucky people who has a job that I love waking up and going to each and every morning. I have been placed in a very unique position where I get to combine three of my favorite passions into one always evolving workplace. I am passionate about music, technology, educating the future leaders of tomorrow and my job allows me to mesh these things creating a career that feels handcrafted for me.

I grew up in Burlington, Ontario playing sports and being a pretty average kid. My life changed when my dad took me to Lakeshore Music and bought me my first electric guitar. I traded in my hockey skates for a black Fender Stratocaster and what was to become a pretty exciting career in music. I am extremely proud to say that I spent most of my teens and early twenties playing and writing music with three of my best friends. Over the years we ended up obtaining two recording contracts, one with Atlantic Records/Warner Music and the other with EMI/Capitol Records. We were able to tour coast to coast several times through most of North America and surprisingly were also nominated for a Canadian Juno Award in 2006 for new group of the year.

I was very fortunate to have the experiences I had, meet the amazing people I met and have the strength to walk away from one dream in order to pursue another. Things change, passions evolve and hard decisions are made. I left music in order to go to teacher’s college and to provide a more solid foundation for my family.

Through my years in music, I was fortunate to learn from very talented people how to use a lot of audio and video recording and editing equipment. This helped spur my passion for all things technological. I began familiarizing myself with both Apple and PC applications finding amazing features and uses from both computer heavy-weights. More recently, I have been consumed with finding ways to use Google and the iPad in order to engage my students and encourage even more innovative collaboration among them. I believe that my students, your children, need to learn using the tools that they are familiar with, and that they will be using in the working world on a daily basis. Technology is changing at a rapid pace but as an educator I feel a responsibility to keep up with this change and help ensure that our future generations are using it wisely, responsibly and for good. I encourage my students to bring their mobile devices to class and am always looking for ways to harness their use.

I have had an amazing start to my career in teaching. Currently, I teach a guitar program in the morning which lets me continue to share my passion for music with my students as well as allow them to make use of the audio and video recording equipment I accumulated from my past career. I also teach grade 7/8 math and language arts in the afternoon which allows me to engage students by letting them use a number of interesting software and cutting edge technologies to solidify and apply their learning. I think that there is a serious benefit to using tools like the iPad in education and a need to embrace our ever changing technological climate. When these tools are used effectively they can help foster unique, creative, engaging and very collaborative learning environments for our students.

I’m pretty sure if you ask my students, your children, they will say that my passion for these things (music, technology and education) is very evident and shines through in the lessons I get to teach them. So thank you for taking the time to read this and allowing me the privilege of continuing to follow my dreams though teaching.


Mr. Kelly

Some Helpful Tools for Educators

Last Updated Dec 29, 2012

This is a working document compiling my favorite web-tools/sites and iPad apps that can be used to engage students in innovative educational ways. These are the sites and apps that I have found to be relatively easy to use and that in my mind have lasting educational merit or are just really cool! My philosophy with technology is quality over quantity.

Web Based Tools

  • Titanpad – a site where students can collaborate on a single document in real time. Has a time recorder so you can follow the changes made and revert to older versions of a document.
  • Teaching Kids News – On Teaching Kids News you’ll find original news articles on topics that are timely, relevant and intriguing. They are written for an elementary and intermediate school audience (grades 2-8) and can be used easily by kids, parents, and teachers.


  • Twitter – Being blunt, I used to think twitter was a huge waste of time. But in reality I wasn’t using it very effectively at the time. I began following other like minded educators, local news papers, local radio stations, educational tech developers, iPad app developers, google, and other various educationally related tweeters. I now find that instead of reading the newspaper, I read through my twitter feed almost religiously. I have built a Personal Learning Network (PLN) with a number of educators and people from all over the world who are embracing twitter to share ideas and resources.


  • Google Docs/Drive – Great for essays, long and short response questions, spreadsheets,  drawings and presentations. You can collaborate on documents in real time. You can also comment on work, share work, post work, download documents in a variety of file types.
  • Google Forms – Great for formative assessment and exit cards. You can create short quizzes using multiple choice, short answer, or true and false question types that can be answered using classroom computers or mobile devices with a web-browser. Google Forms then gives you access to a spreadsheet with all responses neatly arranged for you to view, print, save and use to help direct instructional needs.


Technology in Education

In this ever changing technological climate it is important to address, define and help students create a fundamental etiquette and agreed upon set of rules with which to conduct themselves in all digital and online spaces. It is integral to get our students talking about how to become responsible and trustworthy citizens in a digital age when they are using tools that are becoming increasingly difficult to police and monitor. These tools have the potential to affect our students and those around them positively or negatively depending on their use. It is important that students come to an understanding that these digital spaces are not a fantasy world where they can say whatever they want to whomever they want with no real world recourse or consequence. Students need to learn that their words have the potential to inspire people, hurt people, make people laugh, make people cry, create positive change, or be as equally destructive. Much like an ecological footprint, students also leave a digital footprint with every post, comment, or tweet generated. We need to approach and address 21st Century conflicts and issues in a proactive rather than a reactive manner promoting empathy and a general sense of respect for all participants. The goal should be for students to learn that how they behave in online spaces is in fact an extension of their character and in turn themselves. Conduct in digital spaces should be no different than conduct in all other spaces. That is conduct in terms of how one behaves and self monitors their behaviour to ensure appropriate, constructive and healthy interactions with peers in all contexts.

iPad Update – More Great Apps

Hey Folks,

I just wanted to share some more great app finds that I think have some pretty serious education merit to them. These have either been recommended by colleagues or have just been stumbled upon from pure nerdom.

  • CloudOn – A great app that lets you edit and create MSOffice documents as well as Google Docs through Dropbox and Google Drive. I use this for my day plans and make changes on the fly.
  • Dropbox – USB sticks look like dinosaurs. Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. This means that any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computersphones and even the Dropbox website
  • Reflector – A third party app not sold through the app store that lets you display your iPad’s desktop on your laptop or desktop computer using wifi. This is great since you can use it for instructional purposes but also because it turns your iPad into a mobile and wireless document camera (iPad 3 recommended since the camera is better and images are clearer). Credit to Enzo Ciardelli.
  • Knowmia Teach – Whiteboard/Presentation software that you or your students can use for screencasts etc. The best one I have found to date.
  • Socrative – Get the teacher version. With this app you can create little quizzes perfect for use as exit cards for a quick formative assessment piece that can be completed using any mobile device or computer that has access to a web-browser. Not only does it help you create the quizzes but once all of your students have completed it…  you can e-mail yourself an excel document with all of the data nicely laid out for you.
  • Printer Pro – Wireless and remote printing.
  • Brain Pop – Great educational videos broken up by subject.
  • Popplet – A graphic organizing app.
  • Visual Poet – An easy way for students to make their poems look really cool. We just did a poetry unit and the kids loved this app.
  • Say Hi – A translator. You say something in English and it translates it into whatever language you would like. Great for communicating with ELLs.
  • Invasion of the Moon Monkeys – a math game that helps reinforce multiplication skills
  • Math Terms – A glossary of math terms
  • Musicnotes – This app syncs with the desktop version. If you have sheet music purchased from their online store you can have it synced to all of your devices.
  • My First Classical Music App – A great resource for kids learning about composers, instrument families, and various walks of life that require music.
  • Kids Song All – 220 song – Kids songs with lyrics.